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Report and update deprecated APIs in C#

When evolving an API, you have to introduce breaking changes sooner or later. The traditional way of dealing with that is to mark the deprecated types and members with the [Obsolete] attribute and explain how to migrate to the new API using the attribute's message.

JetBrains Fleet provides a more elegant solution that allows API users to find and automatically convert the old API to a new one. As the API author, you need to mark the obsolete type or member with the [CodeTemplate] attribute from JetBrains.Annotations where you can specify a search pattern to match the old API and a replacement pattern for it. The attribute will act as a custom code inspection with the corresponding quick-fix.

[CodeTemplateAttribute] is recognized by all other JetBrains products that analyze C# code, for example, JetBrains Rider JetBrains ReSharper.

Let's see how it works using an example:

public class MyAssert { // Deprecated API. Usages look like: // MyAssert.IsTrue(args.Length > 0); public static void IsTrue(bool condition) { if (!condition) throw new Exception("Assertion failed"); } // New API. Usages should look like: // MyAssert.That(args.Length > 0, Is.True); public static void That<T>(T value, Constraint<T> constraint) { // ... } } public class Constraint<T> { } class Is { public static Constraint<bool> True => null; public static Constraint<bool> False => null; }

Let's annotate the deprecated IsTrue() method with the [CodeTemplate] attribute:

[CodeTemplate( searchTemplate: "$member$($expr$)", Message = "The API is deprecated, use 'MyAssert.That' instead", ReplaceTemplate = "MyAssert.That($expr$, Is.True)", ReplaceMessage = "Convert to 'MyAssert.That'")] public static void IsTrue(bool condition) { if (!condition) throw new Exception("Assertion failed"); }

Now JetBrains Fleet will report all usages of MyAssert.IsTrue() and suggest a migration fix:

JetBrains Fleet: Using [CodeTemplate] attribute to suggest migration fixes for deprecated APIs
MyAssert.IsTrue(args.Length > 0);
MyAssert.That(args.Length > 0, Is.True);
Last modified: 08 April 2024