JetBrains Fleet 1.36 Help


System requirements

Ensuring your system meets the requirements for JetBrains Fleet is crucial for optimal performance and functionality.

Remote development

For remote development, JetBrains Fleet supports the following operating systems.

  • macOS: starting from macOS 12.

  • Windows: starting from Windows 10 Version 21H2.

Consider the following specifics when working with JetBrains Fleet in WSL and over SSH.

  • WSL: for an optimal experience with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), we recommend Windows 11 22H2 or later, along with WSL2 version 2.1 or later. Ensure WSL has internet access and that x11-apps are installed (FL-19002).

  • SSH: JetBrains Fleet supports remote development over SSH for Linux and macOS systems. A 64-bit CPU (x86-64 or aarch64) is required. Note that Windows remotes are not supported (for more information, follow FL -21596). The remote machine must have internet access, and it is recommended to use bash or similar shells as the default login shell. There is limited support for FIDO-based 2FA and old RSA keys.

Downloading and installing Fleet

Download and install Fleet

  1. Download and install JetBrains Toolbox.

  2. In JetBrains Toolbox, click Install near the JetBrains Fleet icon.

    Download and install Fleet

After you have installed JetBrains Fleet, you can start in from JetBrains Toolbox. You can also launch it from the command line.

Last modified: 03 April 2024