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Code Inspections in HTTP Client

This topic lists all GoLand code inspections available in HTTP Client.

You can toggle specific inspections or change their severity level on the Editor | Inspections page of settings  Ctrl+Alt+S.



Default Severity

'$placeholder' in HTTP Request

Reports a $placeholder inside a request.

A $placeholder to be replaced by the user is created automatically when a tool cannot recognize a part of a request. For example, a request mapping /aaaa/*/bbb will be generated as GET localhost/aaaa/{{$placeholder}}/bbb.

Warning Warning

Incorrect HTTP header

Reports unknown HTTP headers that do not match any publicly known headers. The quick fix suggests adding the header to the list of custom headers when the Use custom HTTP headers option is enabled. HTTP headers from the list of custom headers will not trigger the inspection.

Warning Warning

Redundant 'Content-Length'

Reports an explicitly set Content-Length header. The header is redundant because HTTP Client uses the actual request body length.

Warning Warning

Unresolved environment variable

Reports variables undeclared in the current environment HTTP Client.

Executing requests with undeclared variables probably fail. Consider adding a variable to the environment or selecting an environment with this variable.

Inspection doesn't report variables in request bodies, because it can be a valid syntax of the body.

Some variables may be not reported as unresolved, because they are declared in response or pre-request handler scripts via client.global.set or request.variables.set functions call.

Warning Warning

Whitespace in URL

Highlights spaces inside URL path segments. HTTP Client will ignore them. For better composing use Split Lines action.

Weak Warning Weak warning

Last modified: 25 March 2024