GoLand 2024.1 Help

Create tests

The simplest way of creating a new test file in GoLand is by using a dedicated shortcut that you can invoke from your source code. In this case, the IDE creates a new test file and generates test code for this file, package, or function.

Generate test files

  1. In the code editor, navigate to Code | Generate or press Alt+Insert.

  2. Select what kind of a test you want to generate and press Enter. You can create test files for the following scopes:

    • Empty test file

    • Test for function

    • Tests for file

    • Tests for package

    Generate test files

Navigate between tests and production code

In GoLand, you can jump between test classes and production code.

  • In the editor, place the caret at the test class or at the test subject in the source code and press Ctrl+Shift+T (Navigate | Test Subject or Navigate | Test).

If there's only one test for this class, the IDE will navigate you to it right away. Otherwise, you will be prompted to select the necessary test from a popup or create a new test.

Jump to test
Last modified: 09 May 2024