GoLand 2021.2 Help

Profiling for tests

Profiling is an analysis of your program performance. During profiling, you see the CPU and memory usage, the frequency and duration of function and method calls. This information might be helpful if you want to optimize your program performance.

GoLand collects and visualizes CPU profiles, traces, and heap profiles for your Go tests and benchmarks. To collect all the necessary data, GoLand uses the pprof package. GoLand include four profilers that you can run from the user interface: CPU, memory, blocking (contention), and mutex.

Run profiling

The procedure of running a profiler is common for all profilers.

  1. Open the _test.go file.

  2. Near the function or method that you want to profile, click the Run Application icon the Run Application icon in the gutter area and select Run <configuration_name> with '<profiler_name> Profiler'.

Run profiling

Import profiler results

  • You can run your profiler code manually, import the results, and display them in GoLand.

    To import profiling results, quickly press Shift two times, type Open Profiler Snapshot, and press Enter. Select the result from the list or select Open Profiler Snapshot to upload the result from your hard drive.

    Import profiler results
Last modified: 08 March 2021