GoLand 2023.2 Help

Create and delete

Create a table

  1. In the Database tool window ( View | Tool Windows | Database) , expand the data source tree until the nodes of databases or schemas.

  2. Right-click the database or schema node and select New | Table.

  3. In the Create dialog that opens, enter the name of your table in the Name field.

  4. Specify table settings (columns, keys, indexes, foreign keys, grants).

  5. In the Preview pane, you can view and change the generated SQL code.

  6. Click OK.

Create a new table

Delete a table

  1. Right-click a table and select Drop…. Alternatively, press Delete.

  2. Click OK.

For more information about the dialog options, refer to Confirm Drop dialog.

Drop a table
Last modified: 03 July 2023