Hub 2017.2 Help

Hub Project Settings

Settings of a project in Hub are divided into three tabs:

Settings Tab

The Settings tab lets you to configure the generic properties of a project that are listed in the following table.

NameSets the name of the project.
DescriptionOptional description of the project.
ImageSets the image that is displayed in for the project in Hub.
AuditLinks to the Audit Events page in Hub. There, you can view a list of changes that were applied to this project.
Archive statusShows the current status of the project: whether it is not archived (active) or archived. Here, you can also archive an active project or re-enable an archived one.

Resources Tab

The Resources tab lists all resources assigned to the project.


Here, you can either add a new resource to the project or move a resource to another project.

Access Tab

In the Access tab, you can view the list of roles that are granted to groups in the project.


Use the search box to filter the list by a role, a name of group, or even a particular permission to find out who and why are given the access to the project.

Click the Grant role... to grant access to the current project to a user or a group.

Select a role or a group in the list and click the Revoke role to revoke the access with the role for a group or from the project altogether.

Last modified: 19 July 2017