Hub 2021.1 Help


On the Jabber Settings page, you configure the connection between Hub and a Jabber service. This lets you use Hub to verify the Jabber credentials in connected services that use Jabber for notifications.

Jabber settings

The Hub service itself does not send any notifications over Jabber.

To enable Jabber notifications:

  1. Click the Configure Jabber server button

  2. Enter values for the following settings:

    HostEnter the server address of your Jabber service.
    PortEnter the connection port for the Jabber server.
    Service NameEnter the service name of your Jabber service provider.
    JIDEnter the Jabber ID (JID) of the account that is used to access the Jabber server.
    Connection securityEnable the option to use SASL authentication if required by the Jabber service provider.
    PasswordClick the Change password button to specify the password for account that is used to access the Jabber server.
  3. When finished, save your changes and click the Enable notifications button.

  4. Test the connection.

    • Click the Send Test Message button.

    • Enter an Jabber account to which the test message should be sent.

      Send test message jabber

    • Click the Send button.

Last modified: 09 March 2021