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Field watchpoints field_watchpoint help you target your debugging search to specific instance variables.

Creating field watchpoints

IntelliJ IDEA suggests the following ways of creating field watchpoints:

To create a field watchpoint using the Breakpoints dialog
  1. On the main menu, choose Run | View Breakpoints, or press .
  2. In the Breakpoints dialog box that opens, click add.
  3. Select Field Watchpoint from the drop-down list:


  4. In the Add Field Watchpoint dialog box that opens, specify the following:
    • Fully qualified name of a class that contains the desired field. You can type it manually, or click browseButton, and find the desired class by name, or from the project.
    • Field name. You can type it manually, or click browseButton and select the desired field from the list of fields in the selected class.


To create a field watchpoint using the editor
  1. Open the desired class in the editor, and locate the field you want to create a watchpoint for.
  2. on the left gutter at the field declaration line.
To create a field watchpoint from the Variables tab of the Debug tool window
  1. During the debugging session, open the Variables tab.
  2. Select the desired field and choose Add Field Watchpoint on the context menu.


This command is only available for the fields.

Deleting field watchpoints

To remove a field watchpoint, do one of the following
  • In the Breakpoints dialog box, select the desired field watchpoint, and click delete.
  • In the editor, locate the line with the watchpoint to be deleted, and click its icon in the left gutter.

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