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File Status Highlights

In IntelliJ IDEA each file has its own status marked with a specific color. The file status denotes correspondence of the actual file content with the one marked as 'current'.

In the editor, each line in a file is checked whether it corresponds to the state at the 'current' point and marked with a specific color at the left gutter area.

You can customize the default colors:

In this section:

File Status in Views

ColorFile StatusDescription
BlackUp to dateFile is unchanged.
Gray DeletedFile is scheduled for deletion from the repository.
Blue ModifiedFile has changed since the last synchronization.
Green AddedFile is scheduled for addition to the repository.
Violet MergedFile is merged by your VCS as a result of an update.
Brown UnversionedFile exists locally, but is not in the repository, and is not scheduled for adding.
Olive IgnoredFile will be ignored in any VCS operation.
Light brown HijackedFile is modified without checkout. This status is valid for the files under Perforce, ClearCase and VSS.
Red Merged with conflictsDuring the last update, file was merged with conflicts.
Lilac Externally deletedFile is deleted locally, but was not scheduled for deletion, and still exists in the CVS repository.
Dark cyan SwitchedThe file is taken from a different branch than the whole project. This status is valid for CVS and SVN.

Line Status in the Editor

ColorFile StatusDescription
img ModifiedDenotes the lines modified since the last synchronization.
img AddedDenotes the lines added since the last synchronization.
img DeletedDenotes the lines removed since the last synchronization.

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Last modified: 18 July 2017