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Ignoring Files

If you want your CVS integration to ignore certain unversioned files under CVS-associated directories, and skip them when performing update, import etc., add these files to the CVS ignore list, which is stored in the .cvsignore file.

The way CVS integration handles unversioned files depends on the general settings for file creation. If the new files, created with IntelliJ IDEA, are not put under version control automatically, you can add them to the ignore list using CVS command. You can put the .cvsignore file under CVS version control, and it will be recognized by all CVS clients.

To include an unversioned file to the ignore list

  1. Select an unversioned file under a CVS-associated directory (by default, such files are brown).
  2. On the main VCS menu, or on the context menu of the selection, choose CVS | Ignore. If .cvsignore file is not under CVS version control, proceed to the next step. If .cvsignore already exists and is under version control, IntelliJ IDEA adds the file in question to the ignore list silently.
  3. If you want to put the ignore list under version control, in the Add File .cvsignore to CVS dialog box, click Add to CVS and optionally specify the desired keyword substitution.

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Last modified: 18 July 2017