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Opening FXML files in JavaFX Scene Builder

When you open an FXML file in the editor, there are two tabs underneath the editing area:

  • Text. This tab is for developing the markup.
  • Scene Builder. This tab is for editing the file in JavaFX Scene Builder. (You should be using the Scene Builder version 2.x.)

    If you haven't specified the path to Scene Builder yet, there is the text Please configure JavaFX Scene Builder path.

    Click the path link and select the Scene Builder executable file in the dialog that opens.

    After a while, the FXML file will open in Scence Builder.

If you are using Scene Builder version 1.x, the Scene Builder tab is empty and you should use the following procedure (this works for version 2.x too):

  1. Select the FXML file of interest in the Project tool window, or open the file in the editor.
  2. From the context menu, select Open In SceneBuilder. (If you are in the editor, this applies to the Text tab.)

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Last modified: 18 July 2017