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Packaging JavaFX Applications

You can package your JavaFX application by building the corresponding artifact. For JavaFX applications, IntelliJ IDEA provides a dedicated artifact type (JavaFx Application). One JavaFx Application artifact configuration is created by IntelliJ IDEA automatically if you create a project as described in Creating a project for JavaFX development.

Alternatively, you can generate an Ant build file, and then use that build file to package your application.

See also, Applications with a Preloader: Project Organization and Packaging.

Building an artifact

To build an artifact for your JavaFX application:

  • Select Build | Build Artifacts. Then, in the Build Artifacts | Action popup, select the artifact and select Build.
  • Alternatively, you can turn on the Build on make option in the artifact configuration. In that case, an artifact will be built when making the project (e.g. Build | Make Project or Ctrl+F9).

By default, the artifact is generated in <project_folder>\out\artifacts\<artifact_name>.

See also, Working with Artifacts, Artifacts and Java FX tab.

Generating and using an Ant build file

  1. Generate an Ant build file for your project (Build | Generate Ant Build). For more information, see Generating Ant Build File.
  2. Make the necessary changes to the generated build file.
  3. Open the Ant Build tool window (e.g. View | Tool Windows | Ant Build), specify the build file to be used and run the necessary target. For more information, see Executing Ant Target.

See also, Ant.

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