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Monitoring and Managing Tests

Test progress and results display in the dedicated test runner tabs of the Run tool window.

JUnit Tool Window

You can rerun, terminate, and suspend execution of tests same way as you do it for running applications. In addition to the common running actions, in the test runner you can:

  • Navigate between failed tests using the icons actions nextOccurence svg and icons actions previousOccurence svg buttons or Ctrl+Alt+Up or Ctrl+Alt+Down keyboard shortcuts.

  • View the total number of tests being run in the current session.

  • Automatically restart tests in the current run configuration right after you change the source code by enabling the icons actions swapPanels (Toggle auto-test) option.

  • Rerun a failed test by clicking the icons runConfigurations rerunFailedTests svg icon. If you press Shift and click this icon, you can choose whether you want to Run the necessary test again, or Debug it.

  • Sort tests alphabetically (icons objectBrowser sorted svg) and by duration (icons runConfigurations sortbyDuration svg).

  • Show or hide information about the passed tests, using the icons runConfigurations testPassed button.

  • Show the ignored tests in the tree view of all tests within the current run/debug configuration or test class using the icons runConfigurations testIgnored button.

  • Navigate from the stack trace to the problem location in the source code by clicking the hyperlink in the Output pane.

Last modified: 20 November 2018

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