IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 Help

Build tool window

The Build tool window helps you view the output of your builds that were done by IntelliJ IDEA, delegated to Maven or Gradle, and the results of the projects' synchronization.

Build Output tab

IntelliJ IDEA displays the result of your build in the Build Output tab. Depending on a project, the build output shows tasks, goals, and commands that were executed and error messages that were produced.

By default, the tab also displays all successful steps and warnings.

Build a project

  1. From the main menu, select Build | Build Project Ctrl+F9.

  2. Check the results in the Build tool window.

    IntelliJ IDEA build output
    Gradle build output
    Maven build output

Sync tab

When you open a Gradle or Maven project, the sync is done automatically. Click the Build the Build icon icon on the status bar to view the results of the sync in the Build tool window.

If you need, you can manually trigger the synchronization of your project.

Reimport a project

  1. Open a Gradle or Maven tool window.

  2. Right-click a project you want to sync and from the context menu, depending on the project, select Reimport Gradle Project or Reimport Maven Project .

  3. Check the results in the Build tool window.

    the Build tool window: Sync tab
    the Build tool window: Sync tab

For more information, refer to Maven and Gradle section.

Error handling

When an error occurs during the build process, IntelliJ IDEA displays an error message with the line and column number that could be easily located. If IntelliJ IDEA can locate the error place, it displays a link that you can click and navigate to the needed line in the editor.

Build tool window: erro anvigation
Build tool window: error navigation
Build tool window: error navigation

When the Build tool window displays multi errors or warnings, it enables you to navigate between the next or the previous problem from the context menu or using the Ctrl+Alt+Down and Ctrl+Alt+Up shortcuts.

If the error occurs during the synchronization process, IntelliJ IDEA displays an error message. IntelliJ IDEA also displays the issue description in the text console and offers a solution if possible.

Build tool window: error message
Build tool window: Error message

Context menu

Several options such as Rerun and Stop are the same as in the side toolbar, the rest of the options are described in the followind table:

Jump to SourceF4Open the corresponding location in the editor.
Show WarningsSelect this option for IntelliJ IDEA to display warnings.
Show Successful StepsSelect this option for IntelliJ IDEA to displays all the steps of the built process.
Exclude from CompileExclude the relevant file from compilation.
Exclude from ValidationExclude the relevant file from validation.
Previous ProblemCtrl+Alt+UpNaviagate to the previous problem.
Next ProblemCtrl+Alt+DownNavigate to the next problem.

For the options in the context menu of the messages dislpayed in the right part of the output, use the following table:

Compare with ClipboardCompare the output in a built-in difference viewer.
Fold Lines Like ThisYou can fold a line that is too long.
Pause OutputPause the compilation process.
Create GistSave your console output to a gist and share it on GitHub.

For more information, refer to Share code with GitHub gists.

Clear AllDelete the output messages.

Side Toolbar buttons

RerunRerunRerun the project.

For IntelliJ IDEA, it reruns the compilation.

Resume Build from the Specified Module Resume build from the specified module Resume build from the specific module.
the Compiler propertiesCompiler PropertiesConfigure the compiler settings.
StopStopStop the building process.

For IntelliJ IDEA, it terminates compilation. This button is enabled when compilation is in progress.

the Pin iconPin tabPin the tab with which you are working.
FiltersFiltersFilter the output displaying or hiding warnings and successful steps.
Soft wrapsSoft-WrapCreates soft wraps in the message text.
Scroll to the end Scroll to the end Scrolls to the end of displayed messages.

Upper Toolbar buttons

Show Options MenuShow Options MenuClick this icon to open a menu with more options for managing the tool window such as displaying or hiding side toolbars, group tabs, selecting viewing mode, resizing, and so on.
HideHideHides the tool window. Click the Build the Build icon icon on the status bar, to open it up again.
Last modified: 19 August 2020