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ActionScript and Flex

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To support ActionScript and Flex, IntelliJ IDEA provides:

  • The Flash/Flex Support plugin. This plugin is bundled with the IDE and must be enabled.

  • A dedicated module type (Flash).

  • Build configurations for the various target platforms (Web, Desktop and Mobile) and output types (SWF and SWC).

  • Dedicated run/debug configuration types (Flash App, FlexUnit and Flash Remote Debug).

  • The ActionScript Profiler and Flash UI Designer plugins. These plugins are available for download from the JetBrains repository. For more information, see Profiling CPU in Flash and Flex Applications. See also, Manage plugins.

ActionScript and Flex support

ActionScript and Flex support includes:

FlexUnit support

IntelliJ IDEA supports the versions 0.9 and 4 of FlexUnit, a unit testing framework for Flex and ActionScript applications and libraries.

FlexUnit support includes:

  • Dedicated FlexUnit run/debug configurations to run a single test method, test suite, all methods in a certain test class, or all test classes in a given package.

  • Ability to perform the tests both in the run and the debug modes.

  • Support for Flunit tests via FlexUnit 4 test runner.

  • FlexUnit-aware code inspections (turned off by default).

Last modified: 2 June 2020