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Erlang is a functional, general-purpose programming language oriented towards building scalable, concurrent systems.

Erlang support in IntelliJ IDEA comes in the form of a plugin available for downloading and installing via the Marketplace.

Key Features

  • Intelligent Editor for Erlang with syntax and error highlighting, code completion and inspections

  • Code Navigation: file structure view, TODOs and bookmarks, easy ways to jump between files, modules, functions and usages, as well as code errors and warnings

  • Dedicated Debugger for Erlang programs

  • Integrated Tools and Frameworks: support for Eunit and Rebar

  • VCS Integration: out-of-the-box support for Subversion, Git and Mercurial

  • Cross-platform: works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

In this section

Recognized File Types

IntelliJ IDEA provides full range of coding assistance for recognized Erlang files:

IconFile extensionDescription
erlang_icon_erl*.erlGeneric Erlang files
erlang_icon_app_src*.app.srcDynamic application settings
erlang_icon_app*_app.erlApplication module
erlang_icon_sup*_sup.erlSupervisor module
erlang_icon_fsm*_fsm.erlGeneric Finite State Machine (gen_fsm) module
erlang_icon_eunit*.erlEUnit tests

    Related IntelliJ IDEA settings

    Settings / Preferences Ctrl+Alt+S | Erlang External Tools
    Settings for Erlang External Tools

    Settings / Preferences Ctrl+Alt+S | Build, Execution, Deployment | Compiler | Erlang Compiler
    Erlang Compiler Settings

    Settings / Preferences Ctrl+Alt+S | Editor | Code Style | Erlang
    Erlang Code Style Settings

    Settings / Preferences Ctrl+Alt+S | Editor | Inspections
    Erlang Inspection Settings

    Settings / Preferences Ctrl+Alt+S | Keymap
    Erlang Shortcuts

    Settings / Preferences Ctrl+Alt+S | Editor | Live Templates
    Erlang Live Template Settings

    Settings / Preferences Ctrl+Alt+S | Editor | File and Code Templates
    Erlang File and Code Template Settings

      Learn Erlang

      If you are looking to learn Erlang, start with the following resources:


        Your feedback about Erlang support in IntelliJ IDEA is always welcome on the plugin's GitHub repository page and JetBrains issue tracker.

          Last modified: 26 August 2021