IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2 Help

Ant Build Tool Window

View | Tool Windows | Ant

The tool window is marked with the icon antIntegration icons build svg. The tool window becomes available when you add the build.xml to the project.

Use this tool window to add Ant build scripts to your project, control behavior of the build, and run build targets.




icons general add svg

Click this button to add an Ant build file to the current project.

icons general remove svg

Click this button to remove the reference to the selected build file from the current project.

icons toolwindows toolWindowRun svg

Click this button to run the selected build target.

icons general filter svg

Click this button to see only those targets that have the description attribute.

icons actions expandall svg icons actions collapseall svg

Use these buttons to expand or collapse all the nodes.


Click this button to show the properties of the selected Ant build file.

Ant build results

Results of running Ant targets or the entire builds are shown in the Messages tool window.

Last modified: 17 October 2019