IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1 Help

Configure a Python SDK

To develop Python scripts in IntelliJ IDEA, download and install Python and configure at least one Python SDK. A Python SDK can be specified as a Python interpreter for Python project.

IntelliJ IDEA supports:

To view the list of available SDKs, choose File | Project Structure from the main menu Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S. Python SDKs can be configured on the following levels:

Show available Python SDKs
Change a Python SDK
Manage Python SDK modules

To easily tell them from each other, enter different names in the Name field. See SDKs for more information about SDK configuration.

Regardless of the level, you can configure a Python interpreter installed locally, remotely, or as a virtual environment:

For any of the configured Python interpreters (but Docker-based), you can:

Last modified: 21 October 2021