IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2 Help

Navigate between actions and views

IntelliJ IDEA suggests convenient means of navigation within Grails applications. The following cases are possible:

To navigate between an action and the corresponding view

  • In a controller, with the caret within an action: Click the icon Grails goto view from action icon in the gutter:

    Grails goto view from action

    The corresponding <name>.gsp file opens in the editor.

  • In a view file <name>.gsp: click the Controller button on the scaffolding toolbar:

    Grails goto action from view

    The corresponding controller opens in the editor, with the caret resting before the action name.

To navigate from Grails render or redirect methods, do one of the following

  • With the caret at the template name, press Ctrl+B

  • Keeping Ctrl pressed, click the template name:

    Grails goto view from render
Last modified: 14 September 2021