IntelliJ IDEA 2024.1 Help

Spring settings

Use this page to configure Spring support in IntelliJ IDEA.

Show Profiles panel

Show a special panel on the top of the editor allowing you to view and change the current active Spring Profile.

Show Multiple Contexts panel

Show a special panel for files included in two or more Spring application contexts. For more information, refer to Configure a parent context.

Smart beans completion

IntelliJ IDEA provides completion for beans that can be autowired and automatically injects matching beans when you enter at least three characters in a method. When disabled, you can still invoke bean completion manually.

Reformat code when creating a new project

Automatically apply your code styles to files generated by Spring Initializr in new Spring Boot projects.

Refresh health in the Actuator tab every

For Spring Boot projects, specify how frequently you want to refresh the health information provided by the Spring Boot Actuator. For more information, refer to Health and Tutorial: Explore Spring support features.

Create run configuration automatically

Specify whether you want IntelliJ IDEA to automatically create a Spring Boot run configuration when you import a Spring Boot project.

Last modified: 04 March 2024