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Unknown init/destroy method in the @Bean annotation

Reports unresolved method references on initMethod and destroyMethod parameters of the @Bean annotation.


"Cannot resolve method" will be reported on 'doInit' expression if MyBean class doesn't contain 'public void 'doInit'(){...}' method

public class MyBean {...} @Component public class MyComponent { @Bean(initMethod="doInit" ) public MyBean myBean() {...} }

In this example, the inspection will report an unresolved method reference if MyBean doesn't define the doInit() method.

Locating this inspection


Can be used to locate inspection in e.g. Qodana configuration files, where you can quickly enable or disable it, or adjust its settings.

Via Settings dialog

Path to the inspection settings via IntelliJ Platform IDE Settings dialog, when you need to adjust inspection settings directly from your IDE.

Settings or Preferences | Editor | Inspections | Spring | Spring Core | Code


By default bundled with

IntelliJ IDEA 2024.1, Qodana for JVM 2024.1,

Can be installed with plugin

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Last modified: 18 June 2024