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Assignment to a receiver

Reports assignments to method receivers.

When you assign a value to the method receiver, the value will not be reflected outside of the method itself. Values will be reflected in subsequent calls from the same method.


package main import "fmt" type demo struct { Val int } func (d *demo) change() { d = nil // Assignment to the method receiver propagates only to callees but not to callers d.myVal() } func (d *demo) myVal() { fmt.Printf("my val: %#v\n", d) } func (d demo) change2() { d = demo{} // Assignment to the method receiver doesn't propagate to other calls d.myVal() } func (d *demo) change3() { d.Val = 3 d.myVal() } func main() { d := &demo{} d.myVal() d.change() d.myVal() d.Val = 2 d.change2() d.myVal() d.change3() d.myVal() }

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GoLand 2023.3



Last modified: 13 July 2023