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Convert string literals

Reports double-quoted string literals that can be converted into raw string literals and raw string literals that can be converted to double-quoted string literals.


var s = "Hello\n \"World\""

After the quick fix is applied:

var s = `Hello "World"`

There are two notes that you should take into account while converting double-quoted strings to raw strings:

  • According to the Go language specification, the carriage return character ('\r') is discarded from the raw string values. As there is no way to show carriage return in raw strings, we discard carriage return characters when converting a double-quoted string to a raw string.

  • The backtick character ('`') cannot exist in raw string literals because there is no way to escape it. Therefore, converting double-quoted strings that contain the backtick character to raw strings is not possible and will result in a syntax error. The user can decide to undo the conversion or use some form of concatenation to preserve the backtick in a double-quoted string. For example, "`ab``" will result in `ab``, which is syntactically incorrect. The user can either undo the operation or change the resulting string to `ab` + "`".

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Available in:

GoLand 2023.3



Last modified: 13 July 2023