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Integer to string type conversion

Reports conversions of string(x)-alike expressions where x is an integer but not byte or rune.

Such conversions are discouraged because they return the UTF-8 representation of the Unicode code point x, and not a decimal string representation of x as one might expect. Furthermore, if x denotes an invalid code point, the conversion cannot be statically rejected.

For conversions that intend on using the code point, consider replacing them with string(rune(x)). Otherwise, strconv.Itoa and its equivalents return the string representation of the value in the desired base.


func main() { a := 1 _ = string(a) }

After the Convert integer to rune quick-fix is applied:

func main() { a := 1 _ = string(rune(a)) }

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Available in:

GoLand 2023.3



Last modified: 13 July 2023