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Questionable name

Reports variables, methods, or classes with questionable, not really descriptive names. Such names do not help to understand the code, and most probably were created as a temporary thing but were forgotten afterwards.


int aa = 42;

Rename quick-fix is suggested only in the editor.

Use the option to list names that should be reported.

Inspection options

Here you can find the description of settings available for the Questionable name inspection, and the reference of their default values.

Reported names

[aa, abc, bad, bar, bar2, baz, baz1, baz2, baz3, bb, blah, bogus, bool, cc, dd, defau1t, dummy, dummy2, ee, fa1se, ff, foo, foo1, foo2, foo3, foobar, four, fred, fred1, fred2, gg, hh, hello, hello1, hello2, hello3, ii, nu11, one, silly, silly2, string, two, that, then, three, whi1e, var]

Inspection Details

By default bundled with:

IntelliJ IDEA 2024.1, Qodana for JVM 2024.1,

Can be installed with plugin:

Java, 241.14841

Last modified: 12 March 2024