Kotlin Multiplatform Development stable Help

Recommended IDEs and code editors

JetBrains Fleet code editor

For the best Kotlin Multiplatform development experience, we recommend using JetBrains Fleet.
Fleet is a code editor for any language that can transform into a more powerful tool for development. It is designed to be smart and focused on core development workflows (the edit-build-run loop), AI-capable, and ready for remote development and collaboration.

Fleet supports testing and debugging your code on all target platforms. You can also navigate between Kotlin Multiplatform code and code written in other languages interoperable with Kotlin.

See the Use Fleet for Multiplatform development tutorial to get started.

Android Studio IDE

As a more stable solution, you can use Android Studio, although its support for Kotlin Multiplatform is limited.

With Android Studio, you can also install a special plugin that provides minimal launching and debugging capabilities for iOS apps.

Other IDEs and code editors

If basic Kotlin Multiplatform support is enough for you, you can use any IDE that supports Kotlin, including IntelliJ IDEA. It supports opening, browsing, and building multiplatform projects.

Last modified: 20 May 2024