License Vault Help

Activating a license

This section walks you through the process of obtaining a product license from License Vault.

Before activation

Before you activate your JetBrains product, go through the following checklist to make sure you have everything necessary to successfully obtain a license.

Do you have the License Vault URL?

It usually looks something like this:

If you don't have the link, you can try using the automatic server discovery at step 4 of the activation instructions below. If that doesn't work, contact your administrator to get the link.

Are you connected to the internet?

An internet connection is required both to obtain a license from License Vault and to continue using it.

You can work for up to 48 hours without an internet connection, as long as you don't restart the product. After 48 hours, you'll have to reconnect to the internet to continue using the product.

If you restart your product while disconnected, you'll immediately lose access to your license and won't be able to use the product until you reconnect to the internet.

Is your product version 2021.1 or higher?

Activation via License Vault is not supported in earlier versions of JetBrains products.

Do you have your login credentials?

To obtain a license from License Vault, you'll need to log in through the authentication provider configured by your administrator. If in doubt about which credentials you should use, contact your administrator.

If you're using a proxy, is License Vault reachable through it?

If you've configured your JetBrains product to use a proxy to connect to the internet, make sure that the URLs mentioned in this article are reachable via your proxy.

Activating your product

  1. Open your JetBrains product, making sure to use version 2021.1 or later.

  2. If you don't yet have a license, the activation dialog will appear straight away.

    If you don't see the dialog, go to Help | Register and click Activate New License.

  3. In the Get license from section, select License server.

    The license activation dialog in a JetBrains IDE
  4. Paste the License Vault URL into the Server address field.

    Alternatively, you can click Discover Server. If your License Vault administrator has configured the automatic discovery, the License Vault URL will appear in the field automatically.

  5. (Optional) Click Test Connection to confirm that your License Vault is available. Once your product connects to License Vault, you'll see the Connection successful message just below the button.

    The Connection successful message in the activation dialog
  6. Click Activate.

  7. An Authorization required message will appear at the bottom of the dialog. Follow the link in the message to log in to your License Vault.

    The Authorization required message in the activation dialog
  8. Your browser will open and take you to the user authorization page.

    If your License Vault administrator has configured only one authentication provider, you will be automatically redirected to the login page.

    If several authentication providers are available, click the icon of your preferred provider to proceed.

  9. Enter your credentials and wait for the Authorization successful message to appear on the page.

  10. Return to your JetBrains product and click Activate again to obtain a license.

    The activation dialog with the server address entered and the Activate button
  11. Once your license information appears in the dialog, click Continue to start using your product.

    The activation dialog showing a successfully obtained license


If you couldn't obtain a license, check this section for possible reasons.

  • No matching licenses left on the server. You can get this message when License Vault doesn't have an available license for the product you're trying to activate. Contact your administrator.

  • You are not allowed to use this product. This message means that your License Vault administrator has restricted your access to the product you're trying to activate. Contact your administrator.

  • Please activate a product some minutes later. This error may occur immediately after you've disconnected a machine you no longer use on the My Licenses page of your License Vault. Try activating your product again in a couple of minutes.

Last modified: 01 March 2023