Floating License Server Help

Automatic server discovery

To configure automatic Floating License Server discovery you need to add DNS TXT record url=http(s)://<fls_hostname>:<fls_port> for the following name: _jetbrains-license-server.<domain-name>

Valid response should look exactly like this:

_jetbrains-license-server.<domain_name>. 3600 IN TXT "url=http(s)://<fls_hostname>:<fls_port>"

For record verification use:

dig _jetbrains-license-server.<domain_name> TXT
nslookup -type=TXT _jetbrains-license-server.<domain_name>

Since July 2017, IntelliJ platform based products recognize environment variable JETBRAINS_LICENSE_SERVER. The variable should be defined in an end-user local profile and its value should be a fully-qualified URL pointing to FLS instance.

Last modified: 22 March 2019