License Server Help

Configuring Automatic Server Discovery

To configure automatic License Server discovery, add a DNS TXT record url=<server_url> for the following name: _jetbrains-license-server.<domain-name>

Run the following command to verify the record in a…

...Unix environment: dig _jetbrains-license-server.<domain_name> TXT

...Windows environment: nslookup -type=TXT _jetbrains-license-server.<domain_name>

A valid response should look like this: _jetbrains-license-server.<domain_name>. 3600 IN TXT "url=http://<license-server-host>:<license-server-port>" For the most recent versions of IntelliJ Platform based products you can set an environment variable 'JETBRAINS_LICENSE_SERVER'

Last modified: 19 December 2017