License Server Help

Activating license

To use JetBrains license via the FLS, a user configures the FLS activation link in an IDE. The user should connect from the company's internal network.

Activate a license

  1. Open your IDE instance.

    1. If you see the License Activation wizard, open the tab of desired license and choose License server.

    2. If you already have access to the IDE Interface, go to Help | Register | Add New License | License server.

    License Activation wizard
  2. Set the FLS URL to the Server address field.

    1. If your company's FLS administrators have configured the Automatic server discovery, press the Discover Server button. The FLS URL will appear in the Server address field.

    2. If you have the FLS URL, paste it manually to the Server address field. If you don't, ask your company's FLS administrators for it.

  3. (Optional) To check if the FLS is available, click Test Connection.

    Test Connection to License Server
  4. Click Activate to receive a license.

    Click Activate
  5. Check the license is appeared on the screen and click Continue.

    Obtained license
Last modified: 25 August 2023