License Server Help

Registering License Server

To register License Server

  1. Go to <license server URL>/register.
    registration page
  2. Click Register server. An administrator who has permissions to manage the profile of your company or team will need to log in to their JetBrains Account.
  3. Choose a profile to distribute its licenses via License Server. Please contact JetBrains Sales if you need assistance with the authorization of your profile for License Server usage.
    choose company
  4. Choose an existing license server team or create a new one.
    choose team 1
  5. Add licenses as described in Managing Licenses Available via License Server.

To allow licenses to be distributed via the license server, they should be moved to a team associated with the license server. Licenses can be moved from available licenses of other teams by using the Move to server option. Allocated licenses can also be moved to a license server team by using the Manage licenses option. In this case the persons currently using them will lose access to moved licenses.

Last modified: 7 September 2018