License Server Help

Managing Licenses Available via License Server

Administration through the JetBrains Account

From within your JetBrains Account Profile you can:

  • View all licenses associated with your license server.
    list of teams
    team licenses
  • Purchase additional licenses and renewals as well as request quotes if you are a commercial customer. From the Administration menu of your JetBrains Account Profile you can invite or remove administrators from the license server. To invite a new license server administrator, click the Invite Admin button.
    team administration
    A new window will open and display a link for inviting a new person to manage the license server. You can either copy and paste the link or click the ‘Go to email client’ button to send an email. Alternatively, choose Remove or Leave to remove an administrator from the list.
    team admin invitation

License Server Management

You can also Choose Manage Licenses from your server dashboard and choose _Proceed_ for the product that you want to manage.

available products

This allows you to move available licenses to your license server. To move licenses to the server, simply enter the required number of licenses and click the _Move to server_ button.

manage licenses

To move licenses back to the regular team and make them available for use via invitations, look under the heading showing how many licenses are on the server and click _Manage Licenses_.

transfer license licenses
transfer license team

Returning to the previous screen will allow you to view how many licenses are reserved via invitation. You can also choose to manage your licenses: create invitations, generate keys, request quotes, or make purchases.

manage licenses

Manage licenses available via License Server

  1. Log in at JetBrains Account with the credentials of your organization's profile administrator.
  2. To make licenses distributed as invitations or keys available via License Server and vice versa, please move licenses between teams.
  3. To get access to more licenses of your company's profile, please contact JetBrains Sales.
  4. To syncronize recent changes made in JetBrains Account, use the link "Force now" at the bottom of the license server web-page.

Convert licenses from named to floating

By performing this conversion, licenses are made distributable via Floating License Server instead of being assigned to particular users via their JetBrains Account. To make this change, move licenses from regular team to License Server one as described in "License Server Management" section earlier on this page.

Issue permanent licenses

The purpose of a local license server is to allow floating licensing. If you want to issue permanent licenses via invitations instead, use JetBrains Account to invite users.
  1. Move licenses to the regular team.
  2. Assign licenses revoked from the server to user email.

For your convenience the license management process is described in these video tutorials.

Access restrictions

Floating license server does not have its own firewall. To limit access, you can monitor the list of users, IP addresses and block connections to license server for particular users by IP address on infrastructure level.

Last modified: 7 September 2018