Floating License Server Help

Administering FLS

You can run Floating License Server (FLS) with default settings for testing purposes, but using it in production requires configuration and management for better security and performance. This section contains instructions for FLS administrators about configuring various aspects of the server.

To run, stop, and configure FLS, use the license-server.sh management script. For more information about using the script, see Commands reference.

  • To start, stop, and restart FLS, use the service JetBrains License Service.

    The service can be controlled using the Services snap-in for Microsoft Management Console (MMC). The list of Windows services is usually available in the Control Panel under Administrative Tools, and this requires administrator privileges.

    Alternatively, you can control Windows services from the command line locally using sc.exe. There are also PowerShell cmdlets to perform service management.

  • To configure FLS, use the management script license-service.bat in the FLS installation directory. For more information about using the script, see Commands reference.

    You can use the script to start and stop FLS, but in this case the server will run under current user and stop when the user's session ends.

    There are two similar license-server.bat scripts located under different directories in the FLS installation directory. The first is located under .\bin and it configures the MSI bundle of the FLS application. The second is located under .\app\license-server\bin and configures an application itself. Each procedure in this documentation has instructions on what script should you use.

Last modified: 16 March 2021