Getting started

Start using License Vault in a few simple steps.

Before you start

Make sure your company and your JetBrains Account meet the following eligibility requirements for License Vault.

Your company has 50 or more active subscriptions for supported JetBrains products.

Check out Supported types of licenses to find out whether your licenses qualify for License Vault.

You are a company administrator.

Team administrators are not yet eligible to set up License Vault.

Set up License Vault trial

Once you've checked all the requirements, start by setting up a free trial.

Start using License Vault trial

  1. Sign in to your JetBrains Account with company administrator privileges.

  2. Click your company name, then click Try License Vault.

  3. Scroll down to usage plans, find the Free Trial plan, and click Try for 2 months!

  4. Read and accept the License Vault Terms and Conditions.

  5. Configure your License Vault.

    1. Choose whether you want to try out Floating mode.

      You can turn it on or off later on the License Vault settings page.

    2. Specify the Server name. Use letters and digits. Spaces are not allowed.

    3. Check User access settings.

      At this step you can configure which users are allowed to log in to License Vault and obtain licenses. To do so:

      1. Leave the User access checkbox selected. This way you restrict access only to JetBrains Accounts registered with an email address that belongs to your company domain.

      2. Add other email domains used within your company to the text field below the checkbox. Public email domains, like, are not allowed for security reasons.

        If you yourself are signed in with a public email domain, you can’t configure user access at this step.

      If you prefer not to configure user access now, clear the User access checkbox and return to these settings later when configuring authentication modules.

  6. Click Start License Vault.

    It may take us a few minutes to get everything ready. Once the setup is complete, you'll see the License Vault URL. It means your License Vault is good to go!

  7. Click View Stats & Manage Server at the bottom of page and log in to your License Vault for the first time by entering your JetBrains Account credentials.

Access License Vault from your JetBrains Account

The moment you set up License Vault, a new team is added to your organization's profile. Use it to access and manage License Vault from your JetBrains Account at any time.

  1. Log in to your JetBrains Account with company administrator privileges.

  2. In the menu on the left, click your organization’s name.

  3. Click Teams.

  4. Click the team entitled License Vault Cloud (ServerName), where ServerName is the name you specified when setting up your License Vault.

  5. Click License Vault. You will see the License Vault settings screen.

Configure your authentication modules

To obtain licenses from License Vault, users need to log in through an authentication provider.

The default JetBrains Account Auth Module works out of the box. Skip this step if you intend to use it.

Otherwise, use JetBrains Hub to configure another authentication module and integrate License Vault in your existing infrastructure. Consult Configuring a new authentication module for instructions.

Share the License Vault URL with your users

Your License Vault is now ready to issue licenses.

Copy the License Vault URL you obtained upon completing the setup and share it with your users. Refer them to Activating a license for further instructions.

Set up access rules and view usage statistics

Once your users start obtaining licenses, you may choose to set up access rules to restrict or provide access to licenses for certain users or groups. Refer to Access rules for instructions.

To view real-time usage data and aggregated statistics, check out License usage statistics.

Add more licenses to explore License Vault to the fullest

You may want to add your own licenses to License Vault to see how it works on a larger scale.

To do so, transfer licenses to the License Vault team that was added to your company profile when you started the trial. Consult Transferring licenses between teams for instructions.

Once you transfer licenses to the License Vault team, they will appear in License Vault and become available to users.

Transferring licenses that are directly assigned to users

Licenses that are directly assigned to users will be revoked from them when transferred to License Vault.

The affected users will need to activate their product again using the License Vault URL. Refer them to Activating a license for instructions.

Upgrade your plan

To continue using License Vault after the trial period, upgrade to a commercial plan of your choice. To do so:

  1. Go to the License Vault settings page.

  2. Click Upgrade plan.

  3. Pick the plan that best suits your needs, and follow the instructions in the upgrade wizard.

Migrate from License Server to License Vault

If you're using License Server (on premises) you can switch to License Vault in two simple steps.

  1. Move your licenses from the License Server team to the new License Vault team.

    Consult Transferring licenses between teams for instructions.

  2. Share the new License Vault URL and activation instructions with your users.

Last modified: 17 November 2022