License Vault Help

License usage statistics

With statistics and reports, you can track and optimize license usage for all products in your License Vault.

License allocation statistics

To see the allocation data divided by product and license type, go to the License Vault dashboard.

The dashboard showing available and allocated licenses

License types

There are three possible license types.

  • Regular: The prepaid licenses you purchased before adding them to License Vault.

  • True-Up: The postpaid licenses provided with the True-Up option.

  • Virtual: The licenses provided with your License Vault for evaluation purposes. For example, 10 All Products Pack licenses provided for free with the License Vault trial.

Usage data

  • For current usage data, see the Added licenses, Used licenses, and Usage ratio columns.

    In the image above, 18 out of 64 licenses for the All Products Pack are currently allocated to users, which is a 28% usage ratio.

  • For aggregated 60-day statistics, see the Allocation for the last 60 days bar chart.

    Each red bar in the chart represents a day when the maximum license capacity was reached for this product.

To see detailed allocation statistics for each product, click on the product’s name. To see the list of active users, go to the Active Users tab.

Allocation chart

Choose the time frame on the allocation chart to review usage statistics for a specified period or for all time.

  • The red dotted line represents the total number of licenses added to License Vault.

  • Each red bar represents an interval when the maximum license capacity was reached.

License allocation chart

Active Users list

To see the list of all users currently holding a license for any product, go to the Active Users tab of the Dashboard.

To see the list of users who hold a license for a specific product, click on the product’s name on the Dashboard and then select the Active Users tab.

The list of active users on the License Vault dashboard

The table shows the total number of licenses allocated to each user along with the name and version of each product they are using.

Use the search box above the list to find a specific user or all of the users who hold licenses for a specific product.

Export license allocation statistics

You can export license usage statistics for a selected period from the Active users list. To do so:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and select the Active Users tab.

  2. Click Export.

  3. In the dialog, select the desired period and click Export.

License Vault will generate a CSV file. Each line of the file describes a single occasion when a user ran a particular product. Each line contains the following fields:


A string that identifies a unique combination of a user and a license allocated to this user.

allocation_id stays the same if the user switches between products and machines while using the same license. If a new license is allocated to this user, the allocation_id changes.


The name of the license allocated to the user (like All Products Pack or Intellij IDEA).


The name of the product the user was running (like PyCharm or CLion).


The user's username supplied by JetBrains Hub.


The user's email address supplied by JetBrains Hub. unknown if not specified.


The IP address of the user's machine.


The name of the user's machine.


The unique user ID supplied by JetBrains Hub.


The date and time when the user started their JetBrains product, indicated as a string in ISO 8601 format.


The date and time when the user stopped using their JetBrains product, indicated as a string in ISO 8601 format.

If the product is still in use, this field is empty.

Denials Report

Users may fail to obtain a license from License Vault due to access restrictions or the lack of available licenses. Every denied license request is shown in the Denials Report.

To open the Denials Report, select Stats in the menu on the left.

Denials reports view

There you'll find aggregated statistics of all denied license requests, as well as a table listing all denials with accompanying details, such as the user's name, product, and why their request was denied.

The Denials Report provides data for the past 24 hours or 7 days. To change the time period, click the corresponding option in the upper-right corner.


The table below describes possible denial reasons in the Denials Report and possible solutions.

Denial reason


Possible solution

No available licenses

When a user requested a license for their product, all the licenses were already in use.

You can purchase more licenses for the relevant product or take advantage of the True-Up option.

Forbidden by rule

Access rules don't allow this user to get a license for this specific product.

Try checking the user's effective permissions to see if they are affected by any existing rules.

If no rules affect the user, check if Global access to licenses is restricted in your License Vault.

User not authorized

The user is not a part of the IDE Authorized user group that's allowed to obtain licenses from License Vault.

Add the user to the correct group.

Last modified: 02 February 2024