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License capacity notifications

You can configure License Vault to notify you when it starts running out of licenses. To do so, go to your License Vault, open the Settings tab, and scroll down to the Notifications section.

Notification settings in License Vault

Notification types

You can choose to enable three types of notifications:

You're running out of regular licenses

You'll get notified when most of your regular licenses for a product are allocated and only a few remain available for new users.

By default, we'll notify you when 90% of the licenses are in use. You can configure a different threshold in the Notification settings.

All regular licenses are in use

You'll get notified when all licenses for a product are in use. Depending on your usage plan and settings, this might mean that new users won't be able to activate their products via License Vault or that True-Up licenses will be allocated to them instead.

True-Up licenses have been allocated

This notification will come in useful if you have True-Up enabled for any of the products in your License Vault. You'll be notified when the first True-Up license is allocated for a product, which means you should expect a True-Up charge at the end of the billing period.

Notification settings

Who receives the notifications

If enabled, the notifications are sent daily to all License Vault administrators, regardless of which administrator enabled them. If you disable a notification, all administrators stop receiving it.

Which products you'll be notified about

License Vault monitors the number of available licenses independently for each product.

For each notification, you can choose to be notified about all products in your License Vault or just some of them. To select the products you'll be notified about, click Settings next to the notification you'd like to receive. Click Selected products and then enter one or more product names in the box underneath.

The setting dialog for the 'All regular licenses are in use' notification

For the You're running out of regular licenses notification, you can additionally change the usage threshold to be notified about. The same threshold applies to all selected products.

The setting dialog for the 'You're running low on regular licenses' notification
Last modified: 02 February 2024