License Vault Help

License requirements

To be able to use License Vault, your company needs to have a certain number of supported licenses. The requirements vary depending on the plan you intend to use.

Supported types of licenses

License Vault supports active subscriptions for:
  • IDEs and .NET tools, such as IntelliJ IDEA or ReSharper. This includes product packs, such as the All Products Pack and dotUltimate.

  • Plugins.

License Vault can distribute both monthly and annual subscriptions as long as they are active.

License Vault doesn't support and cannot distribute:

Requirements for the trial plan

To be eligible for a License Vault trial, a company has to own at least 50 active subscriptions for any JetBrains IDEs, .NET Tools, or product packs. Plugin licenses don't count toward this total.

It doesn't matter whether your licenses are all with one team or divided across several teams. As long as you have 50 or more licenses in total, you are eligible.

Requirements for commercial plans

If you choose to continue with one of License Vault's commercial plans, check out the requirements below to make sure you have enough licenses to upgrade. You'll need to keep meeting the requirements for as long as you use the selected plan.

Organization True-Up

To use the Organization True-Up plan, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • 50 or more supported licenses are distributed via a single License Vault.

  • At least 10 of these licenses are subscriptions for the same IDE, .NET tool, or product pack.

True-Up will be automatically enabled for all IDEs, .NET tools, and product packs for which you add 10 or more licenses. True-Up doesn't apply to plugins, regardless of quantity.

For example, each of the following combinations qualifies for Organization True-Up:



5 × PyCharm

20 × IntelliJ IDEA

10 × ReSharper

15 × dotUltimate

Off (Fewer than 10 licenses)




25 × CLion

25 × Bitbucket Pull Requests plugin


Off (True-Up doesn't apply to plugin licenses)

50 x All Products Pack


The following combinations, on the other hand, do not qualify for Organization True-Up:


What's missing

How to qualify

5 × PyCharm

15 × IntelliJ IDEA

25 × ReSharper

Fewer than 50 licenses in total.

Add 5 more licenses for any supported product.

9 × CLion

8 × IntelliJ IDEA

45 × Bitbucket Pull Requests plugin

Fewer than 10 licenses of any one IDE.

Add 1 more CLion license or 2 more IntelliJ IDEA licenses.

Enterprise Floating

To use the Enterprise Floating plan, you need to meet just one requirement:

50 or more supported licenses are distributed via a single License Vault.

It doesn't matter how many licenses of each specific product you add, as long as these licenses are supported by License Vault and your subscriptions are active.

True-Up requirements

True-Up is optional for the Enterprise Floating plan. You can enable it for some products and disable it for others. True-Up can be enabled for any IDE, .NET tool, or product pack for which you have 10 or more licenses.

True-Up doesn't apply to plugins, regardless of quantity.

Continuing to meet the requirements

After you upgrade, you'll need to keep meeting your plan’s minimum requirements for as long as you use it.

If the number of licenses drops below the minimum requirements, your License Vault may be temporarily paused and eventually terminated. This means your users won't be able to obtain licenses from it.

We'll keep an eye on the number of licenses for you, we'll notify you if we notice any issues.

Last modified: 02 February 2024