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Getting started with License Server

Welcome to the JetBrains License Server documentation.

NB: Old license servers' owners - please, check FAQs on this page and Upgrade from previous version

This documentation provides instructions on nearly every aspect of using and administering License Server and hopefully has answers to most of your questions. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact the JetBrains Support team.

To get License Server up and running, please read Requirements first, then follow the installation & configuration and starting & stopping instructions. To upgrade the server, please, read Upgrade from previous version

Operating principles and FAQs:

  1. JetBrains License Server is a web application that enables the administration of floating licenses.
  2. License Server supports commercial licenses for the following JetBrains products:
    • AppCode
    • CLion
    • DataGrip
    • dotCover
    • dotMemory
    • dotTrace
    • IntelliJ IDEA
    • GoLand
    • PhpStorm
    • PyCharm
    • ReSharper
    • ReSharper C++
    • ReSharper Ultimate
    • Rider
    • RubyMine
    • WebStorm
  3. License Server allows managing licenses between end users who don't have direct Internet access.

  4. JetBrains customer can use a License Server to distribute licenses if it owns more than 50 licenses in total for commercial customers. Classroom licenses holders are exempt from this limit.
  5. License Server issues and revokes license tickets to and from network clients. It allows a customer to make the product available for concurrent use by as many users as the number of per-user licenses available to the team connected to License Server instance.
  6. Each license provides one ticket.
  7. A single license grants permission to use a single computer at a time.
  8. License Server receives requests for a license from client applications (IDE) and issues tickets to them upon verification.
  9. There is no need to collect and paste keys as it syncs with the license information located in your portal. A license server admin need to authorize the server to sync to your JetBrains Account.
  10. Once server is set up, it will ping JetBrains Account once an hour. After license information is obtained server might issue licenses with no connection to the JetBrains Account within 2 days.
  11. As a client using the license server product, the software will require a connection at least once every 2 days to the server.


Q: Which license is used if we have both product-specific licenses and All Products Pack licenses?

  • A: If an end-user launches an IDE for which you have a product-specific license on the license server - this one is granted. If then this user starts a second IDE which doesn't have a separate license but can be covered by All Products Pack - one All Products Pack license is given to the user to cover both IDEs, and the first license is then revoked so someone else can use it.

Q: How may I as the administrator limit license server usage?

Q: What happens with a license if a computer is in sleep mode?

  • A: If the IDE is open, the license will remain in use even if the machine is hibernating. Please, don't forget to close the IDE to release the ticket.

Q: What IP addresses should I add to the firewall to allow my license server talk to JetBrains?

  • A: Our IP addresses are dynamic, and we don’t have a fixed list.

Q: What if there is only one suitable license left on the server but two users?

  • A: IDE requests are processed according to a first-in-first-out scheme. If there is only one suitable license, it will be granted to the first user who asks for it. The second user will get a warning "No suitable licenses".

Q: Does the license server support multi-nodes (failover) scheme?

  • A: No, currently there is no such mechanism. Only one host instance can process the licenses pool at the time. But you can host several servers with different licenses.

Q: May we use Java 9 on the floating license server host machine?

  • A: Java 9 is not supported yet.

Q: Is it possible to keep working with a license if the floating license server is down?

  • A: An IDE which has lost connection to the license server can keep on working up to 48 hours. This parameter is not configurable.

Q: Do you have a floating license server releases' schedule?

  • A: Floating license server doesn't have a strict releases' schedule.

Q: May I have 2 license servers on the same host?

  • A: Only if they are launched with different system users. Otherwise, servers will rewrite the licenses information and usage statistics.

Q: Our end-users get "expired license server" notifications in IDEs. What does it mean?

  • A: Details:

Q: Should I update the server?

  • A: If you use a JetBrains license server prior to version #16429 (released: 19 Mar 2018), you are affected.

Q: Where can I check my floating license server build number?

  • A: It's shown at the bottom of FLS webpage.

Q: Will the new license server support old IDEs?

  • A: Yes, it will.

Q: Will clients be forced to upgrade?

  • A: No, the requirement is for servers only.

Current FLS (floating license server) release is 17211.

Last modified: 12 July 2018