Floating License Server Help


System Requirements

As an on-premises application, Floating License Server requires physical or virtual server which should:

  • Have 4+ GB of RAM (6+ GB for high-loaded servers)

  • Run one of the following 64-bit operating systems:
    • Mac OS X 10.7 or later

    • Linux (based on our knowledge, any 64-bit distribution should do)

    • Windows Vista or later

      Make sure to disable all antivirus software, Windows Defender, and Windows Search service for FLS root directory, as they may conflict with JetBrains License Service processes.

  • Have JRE 1.8 or JDK 1.8 installed.

FLS works with Internet Explorer 10+ and recent versions of Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Network Requirements

  • Your fully qualified hostname should be resolvable to your IP address. To verify run:

    ping $(hostname -f)

  • Your fully qualified hostname should be resolvable to your IP address. To verify:
    • Run in the command line:

      ipconfig /all

    • Ping obtained host name using:

      ping <hostname>

  • To let FLS get license data from FLS, allow incoming and outgoing connections for processes running under user which used for launched.

  • Provide establish connection to the following resources by FLS:
  • Product being registered with FLS should have access to FLS network.

  • Traffic between FLS and JetBrains should be passed as is including original certificate data for HTTPS connections.

  • Launch FLS installer under a user with Administrator permissions.

Communication with JetBrains Account

FLS contacts JetBrains Account hourly to:

  • Obtain license information from JetBrains Account server. FLS obtains information about the number and type of licenses available for distribution in the organization.

  • Send statistics of license usage to build usage reports in your JetBrains Account. FLS sends information about the number of available and allocated licenses by product.

  • For "Location of Your Information" refer our Privacy Policy

If FLS has not contacted JetBrains Account within 2 hours, the administrator(s) of FLS team or the whole profile will receive a "License Server Connectivity Problem" email informing them about the issue. From our side, we can't detect what exactly happened on the server, so the email contains just a simplified warning.

Last modified: 24 October 2019