Floating License Server Help


System requirements

As an on-premises application, FLS requires a physical or virtual server that should meet the following requirements:

RAM1 GB4 GB or more (for high-loaded servers)
Disk space1 GBDepends on your logs and statistic
Operating system

64-bit versions of the following:

  • macOS 10.7 or later

  • Any Linux distribution

Latest version of macOS or Linux
BrowserGoogle ChromeAny modern browser
RAM1 GB4 GB or more (for high-loaded servers)
Disk space120 MBDepends on your logs and statistic
Operating systemWindows Vista or later versionsLatest version of Windows
BrowserGoogle ChromeAny modern browser

Since FLS is a Java-based application, you have Java 11 bundled to the application.

FLS is a Java-based application and requires Java 8 or later versions. Recommended JDK vendors are Amazon Corretto and OpenJDK. To check the version of Java you have installed, run the following command:

java -version

Network requirements

The fully qualified name of the FLS host should be resolvable to its IP address. To verify this, run the following command on the FLS host machine:

ping $(hostname -f)
ipconfig /all

And then ping the obtained hostname:

ping <hostname>

During installation, the MSI distribution creates the JetBrainsLS user. To let FLS get license data from JetBrains Account, allow incoming and outgoing connections for this user.

Make sure that the environment where FLS will be located, has established connection to the following resources:

Traffic between FLS and JetBrains should be passed as is, including original certificate data for HTTPS connections.

Product being registered with FLS should have access to FLS network.

Communication with JetBrains Account

FLS contacts JetBrains Account hourly to:

  • Obtain license information about the number and type of licenses available for distribution in the organization.

  • Send statistics of license usage to build usage reports in your JetBrains Account (the number of available and allocated licenses by a product).

If FLS has not contacted JetBrains Account within 2 hours, the FLS administrators will receive a "License Server Connectivity Problem" email informing them about the issue. JetBrains can't detect what exactly happened on FLS, so the email contains just a simplified warning.

Last modified: 21 October 2021