License Server Help

Upgrading your License Server

There are a lot of differences between old (less than 1230+ builds) and current versions of JetBrains License Server. If you have an old version (build number is shown on the license server webpage), we recommend installing the new version of license server and linking it to your company profile. After registration, the new license server will take license information from JetBrains Account.

If it's not possible or if your license server build is not very old (12431+), the License Server can be updated in-place.

Before upgrading your installation, double check that your environment meets the requirements.

Upgrading ZIP-based installation

For the ZIP-based license server's installation the upgrade procedure is close to the new installation. In short, you need to save configuration files with previous settings, replace old license server's program files with the new build and then place configuration files back. Configuration files you need to save are:

  • conf/ - the main config which contains IP / hostname / port listened by the application and other parameters;

  • access rules config (if you use access restrictions)

  1. Download the ZIP distribution and place unpacked files to the license server's home directory (replace old folders with new ones);

  2. Place saved configuration files back. If it's a clean new installation - configure hostname and other parameters according to our articles;

  3. Restart the license server as described. To force registration go to your-server-url + /register (for example

Upgrading MSI-based installation in place

  1. Download the MSI installer;

  2. Run the launcher;

  3. Follow wizard steps;

  4. Restart the license server as described. To force registration go to your-server-url + /register (for example


Case 1: Upgrade of an old version based on MSI

Q: Installer fails during the restart step.

A: JetBrains License Server creates a dedicated user to run the application. New versions’ installation may fail during the attempt of application restart.

The reason is in permissions’ conflict between the JetBrainsLS users (see screenshots for reference). It’s likely to happen with the #5374 build and older.

restart old windows

To solve the issue, please stop and uninstall the application using Windows standard tools of Control Panel + delete related folders from ProgramData and Users.

uninstall old server

After that, repeat the installation of the new version.

Case 2:

Q: The license server installer fails, but there is no JetBrains license server among installed programs so it can't be uninstalled.

A:If there is no the JetBrains License Server in the Programs list, it's very likely it was installed for another system user profile. In this case, you need to find this profile, login and uninstall the application or to clean it up manually from Windows registry. Please, pay attention that it may be potentially harmful, and we recommend to have a backup.

Case 3: "Logon error"

Q: MSI-based license server can't be restarted with "Logon error".

A: Run the same version MSI installer as it has now and select "Repair" in the wizard.

Last modified: 16 January 2019