License Server Help

Upgrading your License Server installation

There are a lot of significant differences between old and current versions of floating license server. Therefore, it is not necessary to keep the data of the previous installation to use the new one, and there is no option to upgrade between versions. We suggest installing the new version of license server and linking it to your company profile, which is expected to contain licenses used by the previous installation imported there with legacy license keys.

If you use ZIP-archive-based version, to install the new version of JetBrains License Server, follow, please, these steps:

  1. Read the requirements

  2. Use the materials for installation & configuration

  3. Follow the starting & stopping instructions

If you use an old version based on MSI, you may face some issues:

  1. JetBrains floating license server creates a dedicated user to run the application. New versions’ installation may fail during the attempt of application restart.

  2. The reason is in permissions’ conflict between the JetBrainsLS users (see screenshots for reference). It’s likely to happen with the №5374 build.

    Restart issues

  3. To solve the issue, please stop and uninstall the application using Windows standard tools of Control Panel + delete related folders from ProgramData and Users.

    Uninstall previous version

  4. Then repeat the installation of new version.

There is no need to transfer license database from previous installation. After registration new license server installation will take license information from your company profile.

Last modified: 19 December 2017