Floating License Server Help

Upgrading your FLS

There are a lot of differences between old (less than #1230+ builds) and current versions of Floating License Server. If you have an old version (build number is shown on FLS web page), we recommend installing the new version of license server and linking it to your company profile. After registration, new FLS will take license information from JetBrains Account.

If it's not possible or if your FLS build is not very old (less than #12431+ builds), FLS can be updated in-place.

Before upgrading your installation, check that your environment meets the requirements.

For the ZIP-based FLS's installation the upgrade procedure is close to the new installation. In short, you need to save configuration files with previous settings, replace old license server's program files with the new build and then place configuration files back. Configuration files you need to save are:

  • <fls_home>/conf/service-config.properties - the main config which contains IP / hostname / port listened by the application and other parameters

  • access rules config (if you use access restrictions)

  • <fls_home>/conf/license-server.jvmoptions
  • <fls_home>/conf/license-server.launch.config
  1. Stop FLS
  2. Download the ZIP archive and place unpacked files to the FLS's home directory (replace old folders with new ones)

  3. Place saved configuration files back

  4. Start FLS
  5. Register FLS
  1. Stop FLS
  2. Download the MSI installer
  3. Run downloaded MSI installer and follow wizard steps

  4. Start FLS
  5. Register FLS
Last modified: 5 August 2019