MPS 2021.2 Help

Interactive Console

Important notes

Console is a tool which allows developers to conveniently run DSL code directly in the MPS environment against the active models. It enables you to quickly query the model and change it. You can trigger actions against your models or study statistics about your project.

To learn more about the capabilities of the languages built into the console head off to the MPS console details page.


ItemTooltip and shortcutDescription
Execute command



Choose this item from the context menu to run the current command in the console.
previous occurrence next occurrence

Up/down the Stack Trace

  Ctrl+Alt+Up   Ctrl+Alt+Down)
Click this button to navigate up or down in the stack trace and have the cursor jump to the corresponding location in the source code.
Clear allClear Console HistoryChoose this item from the context menu to delete the history of the console commands.
Last modified: 05 October 2021