MPS 2022.2 Help

Structure tool window, File structure popup

Structure tool window

View | Tool Windows | Structure or Alt+7

This tool window displays the structure of a file currently opened in the editor and having the focus, or selected in the Project tool window.

File Structure popup

Navigate | File Structure or Ctrl+F12

This popup displays the structure of a file, currently opened in the editor and having the focus.

Both views help quickly navigate through the file structure.

For MPS specifically these two views allow the user to navigate quickly to all the aspects belonging to the same concept - the structure, editor, dataflow, generator and other aspects are always grouped next to one another when any of the concept's aspect definition is open in the editor. Right-click the representation of the desired aspect in the structure tool window and select Jump to Source or press F4 to open the aspect definition in the editor.
The File Structure popup also allows the user to see and to navigate to individual members of BaseLanguage classes and interfaces.

Custom structure views can be provided by user projects. These instances of StructureViewmust be registerred at an extension point named NodeStructureViewProvider.EP_NODE_STRUCTURE_VIEW_PROVIDER to take effect.

This section describes the buttons on the title bar of the tool window and the context menu options of the title bar. Turn these options on and off to have elements of certain types hidden or shown and configure the way they are presented.





the Sort Alphabetically button

Sort Alphabetically

Click this button to have the elements within a class sorted alphabetically.

HTML5 icon

HTML5 Outline

Click this button on to view HTML 5 outline of an HTML file:


Collapse All

Collapse All Ctrl+NumPad -

Click this button to have all the nodes in the tool window collapsed.

Expand All

Expand All Ctrl+NumPad +

Click this button to have all the nodes in the tool window expanded.

the Navigate with Single Click button

Navigate with Single Click

Click this button to enable automatic navigation to the line of source code that corresponds to the selected node when the focus switches to the editor.

the Always Select Opened Element button

Always Select Opened Element

Click this button to have MPS automatically move the focus in the Structure tool window to the node that corresponds to the code where the cursor is currently positioned in the editor.

Last modified: 21 July 2022