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Changes Browser

VCS | Integrate Project

This dialog opens when you select the Specified option in the Integrate Project dialog, and click the ellypsis button.

Use this dialog to select which revision to use in integration.

The Changes Browser dialog consists of the following areas:

Changes list

This pane contains the list of all changes to your project. For each change, there is the revision number, the user who made the change, the date and the description. You can sort the list by this information by clicking the corresponding column header.

You can click the Older and Newer buttons to display the previous/next list of change.

Commit message

This read-only area shows the commit message for the selected revision.

Commit details

This pane shows a list of files that were modified in the selected revision.


ItemTooltip and ShortcutDescription
icon showDiff Show Differences
Click this button to open the Differences dialog that points at the differences between the selected revision and the previous revision of the selected file.
svnShowDiffWithLocal Show Diff with Local Click this button to open the Differences dialog that points at the differences between the selected file in the current revision and in your local working copy.
edit Edit Source
Click this button to open the source code of the selected file in the editor.
icon openRepositoryVersion Open Repository Version Click this button to open the repository version of the selected file for editing.
rollback Revert Selected Changes Click this button to roll back the changes in the selected file.
propertiesDiff Compare Subversion Properties Click this button to view the differences in properties between the selected revision of the selected file and your local working copy.
groupByPackage Group by Directory
Click this button to transform a flat list of files into a tree of packages with files.
expandAll collapseAll Expand All/Collapse All
Click this button to expand/collapse all nodes.

Note that these buttons are only available only when tree-view is enabled.

Last modified: 27 March 2018

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