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Check Out From Subversion Dialog

VCS | Checkout From Version Control | Subversion

Use this dialog box to create local working copies.

In this topic:


ItemTooltip and ShortcutDescription
add.png Add Repository LocationClick this button to configure a new repository location.
edit.png Edit Location URLClick this button to edit the URL address of the selected repository.
delete.png Discard LocationClick this button to discard selected repository location.
showHideDetails.png Show/Hide Details Click this button to display the details for each node below the repository location (changelist number, user name, date and time of the last change).
refresh.png Refresh
Click this button to refresh the view.
collapseAll.png Collapse All
Click this button to have all the nodes below all the repository locations collapsed.


In this area, manage the available repositories and select the locations to check out contents from.

RepositoriesUse this tree view to explore and manage the available repository locations. If necessary, right-click a node and choose the relevant item from its context menu.
CheckoutClick this button to check out the contents of the selected node to the specified location.

Context Menu

NewSelect this menu item to configure a new repository location, or a new remote folder in the selected repository location.
CheckoutSelect this menu item to check out the contents of the selected node.
Compare WithSelect this menu item to compare the selected node with the specified branch.
Browse ChangesSelect this menu item to view changes that match the specified criteria (author, time range, and revision).
Import Select this menu item to import a directory into the repository. You can select the directory you want to import from the Import Directory dialog that opens.
ExportSelect this menu item to export the contents of the selected repository or folder to the specified destination. The exported contents are not under version control.
Branch or TagSelect this menu item to create a branch or tag of the selected folder.
Move or RenameSelect this menu item to change name of the selected folder.
Select this menu item to delete the selected folder from the repository location.
Copy URL
Select this menu item to put the URL string to the clipboard.
Refresh Select this menu item to synchronize to the repository.
Edit Location URLSelect this menu item to edit the selected repository location.
Discard Location Select this menu item to discard the selected repository location.
Last modified: 27 March 2018

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