AppCode 2019.3 Help

Format files from the command line

Command-line source code formatter is a special functionality within AppCode that lets you format arbitrary files outside a project.

  • In the command line, run the format command using the following syntax:
    format [-h] [-r|-R] [-s|-settings settingsPath] [-m|-mask masks] path1 [path2...]

    The command launches AppCode which formats the specified files and then quits.

The command options are as follows:




The full path to the script located in the <IDE_HOME>/bin directory.


(optional) Show the help message and quit.


(optional) Scan directories specified in path1,path2... recursively.

-s|-settings settingsPath (optional) Format code according to the code style settings file provided in the settingsPath. You can use one of the following:
  • A file with the exported code style settings: in the Preferences dialog ⌘,, open the Editor | Code Style page, click cogwheel black with arrow, and select Export.

  • The .idea/codeStyleSettings.xml file stored in your project directory (for AppCode version 2017.2 and earlier).

  • The .idea/codeStyles/codeStyleConfig.xml file stored in your project directory (for AppCode version 2017.3 and later).

If the parameter is omitted, the default code style settings will be used.

-m|-mask masks

(optional) A comma-separated list of file masks that define the files to be processed. The * (any string) and ? (any single character) wildcards are supported.


The path to a file or directory to be processed.


  • Format all files in the ~/MyProject/src directory including all subdirectories using the default code style settings:

    <IDE_HOME>/bin/ -r ~/MyProject/src

  • Non-recursively format all the .xml and .html files in the ~/MyProject/src directory using code style settings from ~/Data/settings.xml:

    <IDE_HOME>/bin/ -s ~/Data/settings.xml -m *.xml, *.html ~/MyProject/src

Last modified: 6 February 2020