AppCode 2023.1 Help

Merge files from the command line

Open the Merge dialog to perform a three-way or a two-way merge from the command line.

By default, AppCode does not provide a command-line launcher. For information about creating a launcher script for AppCode, see Command-line interface.

appcode merge <path1> <path2> [<base>] <output>

To perform a three-way merge, you need to specify paths for two modified versions of a file, the base revision (a common origin of both modified versions), and the output file to save merge results:

appcode merge ~/MyProjectCopy/ ~/FriendsProjectCopy/ ~/Archive/ ~/MainProject/

Don't specify the optional base revision if you want to treat the current contents of the output file as the common origin. In this case, if the output is an empty file, this essentially becomes a two-way merge.

Last modified: 09 September 2021