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List of run/debug configuration templates

This page lists run/debug configuration templates available in AppCode. For detailed instructions on how to use them in your project, refer to the related how-to pages.

NameUse it toRequired plugins
ApplicationRun your application. When you create a new project in AppCode, this configuration is created and selected by default and has the same name as your project.
Application ExtensionRun iOS/tvOS application extensions.
Attach to Node.js/ChromeAttach to and debug already running Node.js applications.Node.js
Boost.TestRun Boost tests.
CatchRun Catch tests.
CompoundRun several run/debug configurations in parallel. This is useful, for example, if you want to launch various automated tests or client-server apps. The controls for each configuration will be available in a separate tab in the Run or Debug tool window.
DockerfileCreated automatically when you run a container from a Dockerfile. This configuration builds an image from the Dockerfile, and then derives a container from this image.Docker
Docker ImageCreated automatically when you run a container from an existing image. You can run it from a locally existing Docker image that you either pulled or built previously.Docker
Docker ComposeCreated automatically when you run a multi-container Docker application from a Docker Compose file.Docker
Google TestRun Google Tests.
Grunt.jsRun and debug Grunt.js tasks.
Gulp.jsRun and debug Gulp.js tasks.
HTTP RequestExecute HTTP Requests directly in the AppCode either individually or as part of a compound run/debug configuration.HTTP Client
JavaScript DebugDebug JavaScript in applications running on the built-in or on an external web server and to debug Dart web applications.JavaScript Debugger
JestRun and debug Jest tests.
Node.jsDebug Node.js applications.Node.js
NPMRun and debug npm and Yarn scripts locally, that is when AppCode itself starts Node.js installed on your computer and initiates script execution.
ProtractorRun and debug AngularJS unit tests using the Protractor test runner.
React NativeRun and debug React Native applications.
Shell ScriptRun shell scripts.Shell Script
Swift Package RunRun Swift packages in your Xcode project as well as standalone Swift package projects.
Swift Package TestRun tests for Swift packages.
XSLTRun XSLT scripts.XPathView + XSLT
Last modified: 22 September 2021