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Enabling Integration with an Issue Tracking System

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To access your issues in the tracking system right from PhpStorm, you need to integrate your issue tracker with PhpStorm. Once opened in PhpStorm, an issue is considered a newly created PhpStorm task and added to the drop-down list on the toolbar, whereupon you can switch to it from another task. In the terms of PhpStorm task, opening an issue is referred to as creating a task.

Enabling integration between PhpStorm and an issue tracking system allows you to work on your project in the discourse of tasks and contexts and thus set up your workflow in accordance with the process established in your team.

The Tasks drop-down list is available only when you have at least one opened issue from the tracker or a self-defined task.

Enabling issue tracker's integration

To enable integration with an issue tracking system

  1. Access the Servers dialog box. Do one of the following:
  2. In the Servers dialog box, specify the following:
    • The URL address of your issue tracking server.
    • Your account credentials on the server in question. These credentials will be different for the different issue tracking systems.
    • Specify whether you want to access the server via proxy and specify the proxy settings.
    • To allow access to the specified server for other members of your team, select the Share URL check box.
    • To check whether the specified settings ensure successful connection to the server, click the Test button.

    See reference page for the detailed description of controls.

  3. Configure synchronization between PhpStorm and your issue tracking system. To do so, Open the Settings dialog box, and click Tasks. In the Tasks page, configure interaction between PhpStorm and your tracker. Do one of the following:
    • To have PhpStorm synchronize with the issue tracking system in the background on a regular basis, select the Enable issue cache check box and specify the synchronization frequency and the cache size.

      No matter whether you actually request on information from your issue tracker or not, PhpStorm will connect to your issue tracking system according to the specified frequency and refresh the cached issues. The advantage of this approach is that when you need to switch to a task, the up-to-date information is already at your disposal so you do not need to wait till PhpStorm establishes connection with the tracker and retrieves the information.

    • To have PhpStorm connect to the issue tracking system only when you actually need information on issues, clear the Enable issue cache check box.

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Last modified: 23 March 2017