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Code Inspections

IntelliLang contains a set of inspections that validate the correct use of the supplied annotations (or custom configured ones). These inspections can be configured through the regular Settings | Errors configuration dialog.

Language Injection

The inspections in this category apply to the language injection feature related to the @Language annotation.

Unknown Language ID

This inspection provides validation for the use of non-existing Language-IDs. It flags usages of incorrect values of the @Language value attribute, such as @Language("NonExistingID").

Language Mismatch

Validation for using references to elements that are annotated as containing different languages or are not annotated at all. The inspection offers a Quick-Fix to annotate such elements with the right annotation for the expected language.

This inspection checks whether @Language or any derived annotation is used for anything other than elements of type String or String[].

Pattern Validation

This category contains inspections about validating the use of the @Pattern or its derived annotations.

Validate Annotated Patterns

This inspection validates that expressions (String literals, as well as other compile-time constant or substituted expressions) match the pattern required by the @Pattern annotation. The inspection has an option to ignore non-constant expressions that contain non-substituted references and offers a Quick-Fix to add a substitution where applicable.

Pattern Annotation not applicable

Checks whether a pattern-validation annotation (@Pattern or derived ones) is valid to be applied to the annotated element. Only elements of type String may be annotated.

Non-annotated Method overrides @Pattern Method

This inspection checks whether a method without any @Pattern or derived annotation overrides an annotated method from its base classes. This is not necessary for the error-highlighting inside the editor, however, the runtime-check instrumentation doesn't pick up annotations from base-class methods.

A Quick-Fix is provided to add an annotation that matches the one from the base-class method. This ensures that the runtime-check instrumentation works correctly.

Last modified: 08 April 2024